Enjoy asparagus season while you can! It’ll be over at the end of June and we won’t see the good stuff again until next May. I recently roasted some spears with olive oil and topped them with a poached egg and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Asparagus and egg yolk were made for each other!

Poached Egg on Roasted Asparagus

Egg Yolk Spillage

This year, I’ve had asparagus stir fried, asparagus roasted, asparagus in an omelette, asparagus in scrambled eggs, asparagus in noodles. That ought to keep me happy until next year! Have you been enjoying the local asparagus?

My posting might be sporadic in the next few weeks but I hope I am able to update regularly while I’m away from home. There are quite a few posts sitting in my drafts folder that still need to come out but the food where I’ll be might overtake those!