After a day walking about Notting Hill and Bayswater, we headed all the way up Portobello Road, aiming for the comforts of Cafe Garcia. This is one of the few places in London you can have authentic churros con chocolate – though we had them at about teatime rather than breakfast!

Here’s the main reason we were there:


Thick, almost gloopy, Spanish hot chocolate. This one had a good chocolatey flavour and a good texture but it was too sweet for us. That didn’t prevent us from finishing it off though.

And the second reason:


Crispy, crunchy, soft-on-the-inside churros. Normally, you’d find them sprinkled with sugar but we were glad for these unsugared ones since our chocolate was already sweet.

I ordered a slice of cake to go along with our other unhealthy choices…only it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Doesn’t it look like some kind of fruity mousse or perhaps a cheesecake? No, it was almost entirely sweetened whipped cream. Delicious but…odd. Spoonfuls of it went well with the thick chocolate.


I love this cafe and have been here many times for lunchtime tapas or sweets at teatime. I highly recommend it! And next door is R Garcia and Sons, a shop filled with many lovely Spanish foods (try the Ines Rosales tortas de aceite) – it’s been there for years.

Cafe Garcia

Cafe Garcia
246-248-250 Portobello Road
London W11 1LL

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