Paris street food is wonderful!

No, seriously, there are loads of terrific foods that can be eaten on the hoof. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, all can be covered by stuff you find in little takeaway stalls, stands in the street, and patisseries/boulangeries. Every morning (of which sadly, we only had two), we would head to a random patisserie near our hotel and choose 1 or 2 pastries, one of which would be a croissant au beurre (no margarine for us!). We love the French croissants with a passion! Those crisp flaky shells and tender crumb within. Oh, I’m craving one now.

We had other takeaways for lunch. After we arrived in Paris and checked into our hotel, we walked down towards the Centre Pompidou looking for a bite to eat. And then I saw it. That stand. About 4 years ago, I came to Paris for the first time and stayed in the same area (the Marais) and there was a very long queue at that stand and the bread being baked on that hot dome looked so good but we had limited time and y’know, I’ve thought about that bread ever since. And this time, I got to try it.

We ordered two sandwiches, one a zataar extra (freshly baked bread, zaatar, melted cheese, fresh mint, olives, tomatoes) as shown below, and the other was one with roasted aubergine, mint, olives, tomatoes.

Zataar Extra

They were fabulous and fresh and huge! They were worth the 4 year wait…though I hope it’s not another 4 years before I taste them again!

Of course, we couldn’t leave Paris without having a crepe.

Crêpe Jambon Fromage

This one’s ham and cheese – simple and so tasty.

Man’Ouche (the Lebanese place with the freshly baked flatbread)
On Rue Rambuteau
Paris, France