The Paupered Chef has written about the food magazines available in North America. I only subscribe to one – Saveur – and lately I’ve been annoyed that I seem not to be getting issues sent over here in the UK… Saveur, send me my magazines!

Kathy Chan (of A Passion for Food) provided a step-by-step guide to making Spam musubi over at Serious Eats.

The Vietnamese roast chicken over at Sunday Nite Dinner looks superb!

So that’s how those caterpillar hot dog buns are made!

I’ve still got Thai food on the brain – this fried egg salad looks refreshing and I reckon it would go well with some stir fried vegetables, some grilled meat (maybe that roasted chicken!) and lots of white rice. Another very Asian way of eating fried eggs is to top them with white pepper and soy sauce. Slurp!