Last post on Chiang Mai – finally! I’ve uploaded so many photos (377!) to my Flickr and it’s taken so long that it feels like the trip was ages ago. The trip was fantastic…but I’m going to be glad to go back to my regular food photos!

This final post will again be on various memorable food photos that didn’t make their own blog posts. This pork, chili and basil dish on rice, with a fried egg on top, was eaten at a tiny restaurant outside Wat Doi Suthep, the temple on the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai. We had gone there as a group of both us foreigners and one Thai visitor from Bangkok whom we had met at the workshop we were attending. She too had not been to that temple. Just before lunchtime, she started talking about how she wanted to eat pork with basil for lunch. And she went on and on and on and then we all wanted the same thing! We could already taste it! And when we ordered it at the restaurant, it was fantastic! Loads of salty fish sauce and hot chillies and fresh basil – and the egg on top! Wow!

Pork with Chili and Basil with a Fried Egg

That night, I picked up a bag of sliced green mango with a smaller baggie of salt and sugar and chili powder. I loved this non-sour green mango that reminded me of a crunchy guava and the chili mixture went very well with it – it was commented that it was like a Thai fizzy sherbet!

Green Mango

And this one is added to my long list of “I wish I tried that”! This pile of mee krob (fried rice vermicelli in a sweet and spicy sauce) looked so appealing. I suppose I could have purchased a bagful of this to take home (I saw it on the day I flew back).

Mee Krob

Finally, I’ll end this Chiang Mai series with my Qantas breakfast en route from Bangkok to London. I had a horribly long stopover at the airport in Bangkok as this connecting flight was delayed. I was exhausted and ended up missing the first meal (I really didn’t want “supper” at 4am) and woke up just before this breakfast before landing in London. The fruit bowl was nice, as was the yogurt, surprisingly. The cooked meal was, quite frankly, awful.

Qantas Breakfast