I’d heard that cooking schools in Chiang Mai are a dime a dozen and after getting a recommedation from Boots in the Oven, I signed up for a day’s course at the Thai Farm Cooking School. After being picked up from our respective hotels, we’re first brought to Ruamchook Market, a medium sized food market about 20 minutes drive out of Chiang Mai. I adored this market – favouring it to the markets in Chiang Mai. There’s a slower pace to the market that allows one to slowly walk from stall to stall at one’s own pace, without the crowds pushing against you. We only had about 10 minutes for a quick lookaround though and I’m showing the few food photos I managed to take.

Alongside the usual market offerings of meat and fish and dry goods, there were vegetables galore,


pink preserved eggs,

Fresh Eggs and Preserved Eggs

and lots of ready to eat, prepared foods.

Food Wrapped in Leaves

But the most interesting stall was this one:

The Fried Insect Stand

Highlights included fried silkworm pupae (through the power of pseudo-sign language, I bought some of these – crispy on the outside and a little chewy on the inside…),

Fried Silkworm Pupae

fried black shiny beetles,

Fried Shiny Black Beetles

fried giant water beetles (each was about 8cm long!),

Fried Giant Water Beetles

and um…these things.

Little Fried Frogs

Can’t tell what they are? Click on the photo for a closer look and the answer.

Um, no thanks.