I may have gone slightly overboard with photo taking during my trip to Chiang Mai and I thought I’d share some of the other food highlights that didn’t make it into their own blog posts.

Fish Ball Noodles

These fish ball noodles were my first lunch in Chiang Mai and gave an indication of the good things to come. At only 30 baht (50p), this was a generous bowlful of rice noodles, a variety of fish cakes and fish balls (all with different textures), and morning glory. While the broth was very soothing, I was looking for something a little more exciting and punched it up with the various condiments on the tables. A little of that chili powder and wow!


This was a steamed sticky pancake filled with pork and peanuts, topped with both coconut cream and fried garlic. The skin was like that of the dim sum dish har gow and while the peanuts weren’t apparent, the whole combination just sang in my mouth. I had this at the Nangnual Seafood Restaurant’s lunch buffet, part of a trip organised by the workshop I attended. The manager there took me under his wing and pointed out all the northern Thai specialties that I absolutely had to try and helped me with which garnishes to eat with them – and the garnishes are the most complicated part!

Dips and Things to Dip

Still at the lunch buffet, I tried their full spread of dips and raw vegetables, again another typically northern Thai spread. Click on the photo for labels for each item.

Banana Flower and Chicken Salad

On the last day of the workshop, we were brought to the Chedi Chiang Mai, an extremely beautiful and expensive hotel, for a dinner reception. The highlight of the meal was this banana flower and chicken salad – both meaty and refreshing at the same time.

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