Looking for a restaurant for a group of people can be difficult in any city. Finding one in a city that you’re unfamiliar with is extremely difficult. Luckily I had found a number of positive restaurant reviews online before my trip and suggested one of the larger ones to try that first night with a number of colleagues and new friends. The Good View by the river seemed like a nice place – it was a little empty when we arrived but soon after it filled up with a mix of both locals and tourists.

The menu is quite long and very confusingly laid out, though somehow we did manage to select a number of dishes for us to share. Firstly, I ordered a coconut to drink. It’s a young coconut with soft jelly-like flesh and so it’s also served with a spoon to scoop away at it. (This was probably the most photographed coconut in existence! Everyone at the table whipped out their cameras when this arrived!)

Young Coconut

The mixed northern Thai starters were mainly variants on spicy pork sausage and the famous chili and vegetable dips with raw vegetables to dip into them. The green dip on the left hand side is aubergine and green chili and traditionally, fried pork rinds are eaten with it. I quite enjoyed this taste from the north of Thailand – I’ve never seen any of these in London. I had to use flash for this and subsequent photos – it got dark very quickly.

Mixed Northern Thai Starters

A catfish salad was just fluffy fried catfish with a tangy and Thai dressing on the side. This is my kind of salad! The fluffs didn’t really taste of fish but were a nice crispy base to soak up the delicious dressing.

Fried Catfish Salad

A golden mushroom (enoki) and prawn salad also was dressed in a tangy dressing involving fish sauce and lime juice. For the veggie eaters, there was tofu fried with basil. Nothing much to report here; they weren’t very exciting but were tasty enough. A pineapple fried rice was served, as expected, in a pineapple. Still delightful though!

Pineapple Fried Rice

From the specials menu on the table, we ordered a fried tub-tim fish (the internet says this is a tilapia) with turmeric. This was very meaty and very tasty! And yes, that is ketchup on the side.

Fried Tub-Tim Fish with Turmeric

There were a couple of other dishes that I forgot to photograph, one of them being a plate of stir fried greens. Of course, there was also sticky rice to eat with all this – I took to this rice very quickly and I’m hoping I can cook it well at home.

While the Good View isn’t the cheapest place to eat in Chiang Mai, it did seem like good value to us. With many other drinks (beer too) ordered round the table, this came out to 240 baht each for the six of us. And there’s a good view (hehe) and live music (they weren’t too bad and you can make requests).

Finally, a bit of a tip when eating anywhere by the river – put on lots of insect repellent! My legs became a bit of a mosquitoes’ buffet when I didn’t realise that with a Deet spray, a top up is probably required halfway through the day.

The Good View
13 Charoen Raj Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand