We knew there had to be food around. We were in the middle of the very touristy night market in Chiang Mai and were wandering from street to street looking for a place to sit down and taste some of the local dishes. Eventually, we happened across the Anusarn market and all the outdoor seafood restaurants at the back. We chose one at random and placed our order.

An order for pad thai resulted in this very fancy display. The noodles were wrapped in a paper thin omelette and on the side were chopped peanuts, beansprouts, a lime wedge, and some chives. This pad thai equaled the best pad thais I’ve had in London (no ketchup involved here!), but at about 1/5th of the price.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai Innards

With instructions to eat lots of morning glory ringing in my ears, I had to order this dish of them stir fried with bean sauce. They were soft and slippery with still a bit of crunch and the bean sauce gave a hint of saltiness and savouriness that had us hooked! This was a new dish to me as in Malaysia, I always had it cooked with fermented shrimp paste (belacan) and chili.

Stir Fried Morning Glory in Bean Sauce

The meal was rounded off with some pork fried rice. Tasty stuff it was but it’s hard to go wrong with fried rice. During this trip, I became particularly enamoured of the hot little chillies in fish sauce that came alongside a lot of one dish meals or were part of the communal accompaniments in the centre of the table. Now that I’ve had a lot of it though, I can’t look at chillies in fish sauce for a while.

Pork Fried Rice

With a Thai iced tea to drink, I was happy and full. Of course, I wasn’t too full to try some of the desserts from the other stands around. A chocolate banana roti and a mango with sticky rice went down pretty well too!

Anusarn Market
Chang Khlan Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand