I recently purchased these biscuits at the little Russian shop at the shopping centre near where I live. They might look like walnuts but they’re far from them. The walnut halves are a dense cakey biscuit and they’re stuck together with a caramelised condensed milk filling (isn’t that just dulce de leche?!). There’s also a single peanut in the centre, which adds a nice surprise.

Grandma's Nuts

Inside the

They’re labelled on the back in English as “Grandma’s nuts with condensed milk and peanuts” and there are also names in German and Russian. The German name seems to be a direct translation but alas, I don’t read Cyrillic script and so have no idea if Russians also call them Grandma’s nuts (giggle). Does anyone know what they’re called in Russian? Are they still the nuts of Grandma?

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