At my farmer’s market this past weekend, I bought some fantastic savoury preserves from a stall run by a Miss Stoneham. I felt like sharing them with you…and no, she didn’t ask me to!

Miss Stoneham's Preserves

Her homemade ketchup (£3.50) is sweetened naturally with apple juice and is so fantastically tomatoey. It’s got the texture you’d expect of ketchup, really really thick, but has little bits in it, proving that it’s made of real tomatoes! Dinner that night involved roasted potato wedges, ideal for dipping!

Roasted Potato Wedges

We opened the bread and butter pickles (also £3.50 – these are her two most expensive items) the next day and had them with some Polish bread, omelettes, and cheese. A simple lunch but boy, were those pickles fantastic – not too sour, not too sweet. There were a lot of onions in the jar but those had lost all their sharpness and were mellow and sweet-sour. The cucumbers (giant slices) were so flavourful and deliciously piquant that I do wish the jar was bigger! I’m now feeling very inspired to make my own preserves but I have a slight fear of home-bottling. Perhaps this will be the year that I conquer this fear!

Miss Stoneham sells her wares monthly at the Acton Farmer’s Market. She also sells a variety of baked goods, both sweet and savoury.