A week or two ago, I learned that I had won a little box of Italian sweets over at Ms Adventures in Italy. This past Friday, the package arrived to much excitement! We’ve tasted quite a few already and there’s still enough left to make any dentist gasp.


Here’s what the box looked like when it was opened. An adorable aubergine postcard was included on top.

Such Pretty Wrappers

Many of the sweet wrappers are so beautiful. Of all that I’ve tasted so far, my favourites are those red wrapped Rossanas and the yellow wrapped Ambrofolis as they have soft centres – hazelnut cream and honey, respectively.


How apt! A tamarind flavoured sweet!


Inside a Negrita

The slightly disturbing Negritas are delicious chocolate covered crunchy caramel and nuts.


I haven’t opened this one yet – beautiful packaging but it’s an intimidating absinthe flavour!

Thank you again, Sara! I’m now really really really dying to see to Italy, where I will probably hit up a sweet shop before actually filling my head with culture. Alas, there are no plans to travel there in the near future…