I love the Latin name for the European sprat!

Fried Sprats, Before

Yesterday at the farmer’s market, the fishmongers showed up after an extended absence. But they only had sprats – and lots of them! Only 2 pounds a kilo or a tenner for 6 kilos. I purchased a kilo, dusted about two thirds of them in flour and shallow fried them. The rest I froze.

They were delicious! We ate them with our fingers – nibbling away at the fillet on one side, crunching through the crispy tails, and then nibbling away at the other side, carefully leaving the bones and the bitter guts. A squeeze of lemon, a bowlful of cavolo nero, and a baguette…and a meal was made.

Of course, now I’m a little tired of sprats. I think I’m going to try grilling the ones in the freezer, as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall suggests…but um…later.