A friend and I went to visit Byron for lunch soon after it opened, in December. It’s located across the street from the Kensington Odeon and replaces what once was a branch of the Ask chain. It’s had quite a nice makeover and markets itself as a posh burger joint. Does London need another one of those though? There are already the GBK and Hamburger Union chains and plenty of others too. And Byron’s menu is also little pricier.


Mini Classic Burgers

My friend ordered a rare cheeseburger with Cashel blue cheese and when we brought it to their attention that it was well-done, it was replaced without a fuss. Her burger looked delicious while my order, the mini classic burgers were a disappointment. Nothing was wrong with it – it was tasty – but there was significantly less burger for my money and I would have done better by ordering a regular hamburger. The pickle on the side was very tasty though – half sour and half sweet and wholly crunchy.

Skinny Fries

Onion Rings

Sides were hit and miss. The French fries were nice but the batter of the onion rings (red onions!) had herbs in it and the rosemary overpowered everything.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the whole burger craze is still going strong or is starting to wane. But Byron’s not going to be my first choice when I next crave a big, juicy hamburger. You know, all this has me thinking what the next restaurant trend in London will be. What would be fun is some interactive eating – Chinese hotpots or Korean barbeques. Very social and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just my two cents.

222 Kensington High Street
London W8 7RG

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