This year, I was determined to fit in a bit of holiday baking. Rather ambitiously, I was hoping to make a batch of something each and every night of the holidays; more realistically, I ended up baking two lovely treats. Firstly, thank you to my friend Mirna for her family’s recipe for Vanilla Crescents – these were crumbly and full of vanilla and butter. Very nice.

Vanilla Crescents Cooling

I followed a Martha Stewart recipe for these chocolate crinkles (she calls them crackles). I think they would have been more snowy looking if I had used proper granulated sugar and not caster sugar. Either way, they were much better the next day when they got a chance to become more chewy.

Chocolate Crinkles

I still hope to find some time to bake these beautiful Austrian raspberry shortbreads over at Smitten Kitchen – I love the idea of grating the shortbread into the pan for lightness. So did you do any holiday baking? And if so, what have you made?