Earlier this month, I received an invitation to a San Lorenzo dinner at Osteria dell’Arancio from Sara. Not only does she blog over at The Kitchen Pantry, she is also the blogger for San Lorenzo, an Italian fine food company that ships to the UK. This dinner showcased a number of the cheeses available through the online shop and was organised to bring us together to help generate ideas for publicity for the shop.

Crutin with Black Truffles

We were first presented with little arancini, fried risotto balls with a little cube of cheese in the middle. Can’t remember the cheese for the life of me but as you can imagine, the little fried dainties went down quite well. A bowlful of delicious little red peppers stuffed with anchovy and capers also went round the table. Three cheeses were also passed around – one was a fontina, I can’t remember the second, and the third one – oh the third cheese! A beautiful cylinder of crutin cheese with black truffles through it (pictured above) and it was delicious, with hints of garlic and wine.


Little Stuffed Red Pepper

Our main course was a salad with grapes, apple slices and slices of wonderful goose ham.

Salad with Goose Ham

Dessert was toasted slices of panettone – why have I never toasted my panettone before?! So much better than fresh! Alongside, we had glasses of Moscato d’Asti, a sweet dessert wine, low in alcohol and slightly citrusy in flavour. Delicious!

Toasted Panettone

I met some very nice people there and among the other guests were a few of the friendly people from Trusted Places. Thanks again for the invite, Sara!