Gosh, it’s been a while since one of these posts – I’m sort of glad that all my Australia and Singapore posts are now out of the way! Back to normal.

The people at Cookthink have blogged on how to pan-roast a duck breast. Useful stuff.

Serious Eats have provided the recipe for a foolproof pie dough. The secret? A quarter cup of vodka! Apparently the alcohol vaporises during baking and you’re left with a tender crust.

There’s a general guide to making empanadillas at the beautifully illustrated Lobstersquad. It’s a terrific way of using up leftovers.

All your chocolate questions are answered over at David Lebovitz’s Chocolate FAQ.

A recipe for Kourabiethes, Greek butter cookies, can be found at Whipped. I’ve only ever purchased boxes of these and now I can make them!