We wanted our last dinner in Singapore to be memorable and so we arranged to meet some friends at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant on the East Coast Parkway. Upon first entering, there’s a bank of fish tanks lining the left hand side of the large restaurant, each tank containing a different variety of fish or shellfish. They’re not for show either as I saw people catch some for cooking.

There was one main reason why we chose this restaurant – their famous black pepper crab! And here was ours.

Black Pepper Crab

The crab was an incredibly meaty one with lots of flavourful flesh; this monster fed two of us quite comfortably. However, I was a little let down by the black pepper flavouring. While it packed the heat you’d expect from so much pepper, the flavour was a bit one-dimensional with nothing to balance that black pepper taste. Oh well, the crab more than made up for it.

There was kangkong belacan (gotta eat our veggies and this one is one of my favourites – it’s also known as ong choi or water convovulus) ,

Kangkong Belacan

country-style tofu (fried tofu topped with meat and prawns in sauce),

Country-Style Tofu

Mandarin-style pork (? it was in a sweet sauce),

Mandarin Pork?

an excellent barbecued fish (not too sure what kind of fish it was – we weren’t told),

Barbecued Fish

and a most delicious silver-fish fried rice.

Silver Fish Fried Rice

Unfortunately, I cannot say how much this meal cost as a couple of kind friends picked up the tab but I can imagine that it’s not cheap. It’s a fantastic seafood meal though, with such fresh seafood, and if you’re not fond of our fishy friends, I saw a whole braised pig’s trotter at the next table that looked great!

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
1018 East Coast Parkway

There are other branches on Dempsey Road, the IMM building, and at the East Coast Seafood Centre.