Our flight from Melbourne to Singapore was delayed and I was worried that we wouldn’t make our dinner reservation at Straits Kitchen that night. Didn’t have to worry – we made it there early. More time to eat!

Straits Kitchen is a buffet restaurant in the Grand Hyatt in Singapore that serves local hawker food (but halal). I had booked this restaurant to sample everything in one convenient location as my friend had never tried hawker food at all. When we got there it was pretty empty but most of the food was already laid out and later we found that all was replaced very regularly. There were various stations offering grilled foods, fried foods, soups, Indian food, salads and popiahs, fruits and desserts. As it was Divali, there was more Indian food than usual.

We tried just about everything and I’ll just list it all here!

Chicken satay, mutton satay, beef satay (the satay sauce was sooo delicious!), laksa (too watery), prawn mee, popiah (excellent – rolled right in front of us; this is braised yam bean root rolled up in a flour wrapper with crab, fried shallots, egg, etc.),

Popiah Cross Section

murtabak, roti prata (also very good), deep-fried spiced okra (unique – like crisps), saag paneer, otak-otak (yum yum! Grilled spiced fish mousse/paste),

Otak Otak Innards

grilled stingray with sambal,

Barbecued Stingray

rojak (the kind with the dark prawn paste dressing – so delicious. Didn’t realise I missed it so much!), ayam buah keluak (the black nuts are so unique – glad I had a chance to try them), chai tow kueh (very nice; fried daikon cake with egg and preserved turnip), stir-fried seafood and mushrooms,

Chai Tow Kueh and Stir Fried Seafood

chili crab with little fried buns (oh, the gravy! This is Singapore’s unofficial national dish),

Chili Crab

beef rendang, pineapple tarts, kueh bingka ubi, longans, salak fruit, jambu air (not sweet enough), durian ice cream! And that’s only what I remember! No more photos as I was too busy eating! The fare is generally very good, with a few misses, but overall, I was happy.

It’s not cheap to eat there – about $41 per adult, not inclusive of tax or service charge, and there are two booking times each night, meaning that you have a limited time to eat. You could, of course, order most of these dishes at a hawker centre but you’d have mounds of food and inevitably, lots of wastage. And so with only three nights in Singapore, Straits Kitchen was the way to go for us!

Straits Kitchen
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road