A friend of a friend had pointed out the existence of trendy Brunswick Street, lined with numerous boutiques and cafes and that sounded like a lovely way to pass the early afternoon. We walked north along the street – here’s a tip, just keep going! The first part of the street doesn’t look at all promising but I assure you that many shops will show up. We popped into a Vietnamese grocer and inquired as to a Vietnamese restaurant nearby and he told us to go to Viet Rose, further up the road.

When we got here, the place was just starting to fill up with the lunch crowd and so we happily took a table by the window. The lunch menu had many good value dishes – rice, fried noodles, cold noodles, soup noodles were all covered. I ordered the spring rolls on rice vermicelli and a Vietnamese iced coffee while my friend chose the mixed meat fried noodles and a side order of summer rolls.

Not five minutes after our ordering, the server was back but with a plate of mixed meat fried rice. We sent it back, pointing again at the menu where mixed meat fried noodles was listed. All our orders did come correctly soon after but we then saw the same server try to give a similar (maybe it was the same?) plate of fried rice to the ladies sitting next to us….well…that was weird. Were they trying to get rid of a plate of unwanted fried rice? Double check your order if you visit!



My Vietnamese coffee was exceptionally sweet and I had to wait until a lot of the ice had melted before I could drink the syrupy joe. The spring rolls on top of my noodles were totally different from any other Vietnamese rolls I’ve had. They were tiny little rolls filled with a pure prawn paste – very delicious and quite unique. Pork, chicken or vegetables are other filling options. I was told that my friend’s noodles were also delicious but her summer rolls were mostly wrapping and not enough filling.



We walked out stuffed and pretty happy overall. But again, remember what you ordered and don’t accept anything else!

Viet Rose
363 Brunswick St

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