My second and last day in Sydney was spent mostly lazing around – I really just wanted to live like a local. And what do the locals do? They have barbecues, of course!

Wow, they really do live up to their barbecuing stereotypes and I was treated to an impromptu barbie that night. We made a trip that afternoon to Paddy’s Market and Chinatown to pick up potatoes, beef steaks, lamb chops and baby octopus. The potatoes were boiled for potato salad, the beef and lamb were rubbed with olive oil, and the baby octopus was marinated in chopped garlic and sweet chili sauce.

Snags and Baby Octopus

That night, the barbie was fired up (gas) and on went the steaks, chops, octopus and even some pork sausages too. (And no, we did not throw shrimp on the barbie that night!) Oh, the smell that came off that grill was spectacular! What a terrific, and meaty, dinner that was!

Lamb Chops

Things I learned that night:
In Australia, they call sausages “snags”. As in, “grab those snags off the barbie!” and my response of “the WHAT?!”
You now how they say “Aus-trah-lian” in the Fosters ads? They don’t say that in Australia – they say “Aus-tray-an”. Or at least, I’ve heard people in both Sydney and Melbourne say that.
Finally, Australians really do have barbies! πŸ˜€

Paddy’s Market
next to Chinatown