When I arrived at the Sydney Fish Market, my first thoughts were, “I didn’t expect it to look like this!” I expected it to look more like a wholesale fish market but what I saw instead was a building filled with stalls selling both raw and cooked fish, ready to be cooked and eaten on the spot or taken home. There was plenty of both indoor and outdoor seating and I could see groups of people at each table huddled over vast spreads of seafood. Lots of people were also looking for tables while carrying huge platters of both raw and fried seafood. Oh yeah!

We grabbed a table and this is what we managed to consume.

Nigiri sushi:

Nigiri Sushi

Very large boiled prawns:

Huge Boiled Prawns


Rock Oysters

Grilled calamari:

Grilled Calamari

Fish and chips!

Fish and Chips

Everything was just so so fresh and most of the seafood was fished from Australian waters. Go! I’d say this market is a must if you like seafood – visit if you’re in Sydney!

Sydney Fish Market