On our last night in Brisbane, for some bizarre reason, all of us (me and colleagues) wanted steak. Perhaps this was due to all the cold sandwiches and salads we were fed at the conference? One colleague went off to the Hilton to ask the concierge to recommend a place and Jade Buddha was a name that he brought back. So off we went!

First impressions of Jade Buddha were that it was loud and that it looked hip. My impressions were spot on – it’s the only place I’ve been to that has a coin-operated hair straightener in the ladies’ bathroom! Most of the women sported ironed hair and short skirts and they flicked their eyes up and down on you as you walked to your table. It definitely wasn’t my kind of place.

Eye Fillet with Potato Gratin

Almost all of us ordered the eye fillet with potato gratin, myself included. Hey, remember we wanted steak! Steaks were cooked exactly as we ordered them and the sauce it came with was quite nice – brown butter based, I think. It was all quite nice but nothing special; it was just well cooked. The steaks also came with a small side of broccolini and I ate that like it was going out of fashion (off a friend’s plate too…heh…maybe I needed my vegetables).

Desserts were very weak. We ordered a fried ice cream (ice cream in a coconut batter crust), a chocolate Buddha (gooey choc pudding) and a sticky date pudding to share and I found them all to be both overly rich and much too sweet. Looks like this restaurant is mainly a place to be seen – once again, not my kind of place.

Jade Buddha
1 Eagle Street
Eagle Street Pier

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