After a particularly long work day, I just wanted my bed but my colleagues were up for some food first. After a bit of fruitless walking about the South Bank, we spied this busy restaurant. We just managed to get a table for the five of us. While we knew that a busy restaurant was more of a guarantee of good food available, we had forgotten that it also meant a long wait for our orders! Oh well.


I ordered the lamb iskender, shredded lamb pieces in a tomato sauce over pieces of bread, with yogurt and their “special sauce” drizzled on top. The lamb pieces were very tender though there was a piece of mysterious, flabby, white thingy I found that I couldn’t identify within the stew. Hmm. The bread underneath was delicious, having soaked up all the lamby, tomatoey juices from the stew, and was somewhere between chewy and soft; there wasn’t enough of it though! The meat to bread ratio was unnaturally high and more bread was definitely needed.

You know, I did feel better after a bit of food in me!

Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant
Shop 10/164, Grey Street
South Bank, Brisbane

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