Chocolate and Zucchini have a post on Jo-Jo potatoes (or Deluxe potatoes at French McDonalds), those deep-fried, spiced potato wedges. I make similar potato wedges but utilising solely Spanish pimenton as a seasoning. I should get that recipe up here sometime.

On Serious Eats, the Pioneer Woman compares Scharffen Berger chocolate brownies, regular baking chocolate brownies, and brownies from a bag of mix. Which tasted best? Do we really have to ask?

There are recipes for homemade chili-garlic sauce over on Viet World Kitchen. I bring back bottles of this stuff from Vancouver but it’s nice to have a recipe just in case I run out. It adds a great pep to a lot of recipes.

Our Adventures in Japan explains how to make 0-musubi/o-nigiri. I bet they’d be great for picnics!

Corn fritters over at the Asian Grandmothers Cookbook! You know, they’re nice with a bit of Spam chopped up inside…

Alright, once again, I’m disappearing for a couple of weeks. There should be posts when I come back, posts on food from the other side of the world!