I feel slightly ridiculous writing instructions on my latest obsession as it’s so so easy to put together. Essentially, it’s boiled chickpeas with olive oil and pepper.


But! They aren’t just any old boiled chickpeas…the ones I’m obsessed with are boiled for at least 4 hours (that’s after soaking overnight too), giving the legume an almost creamy interior. Canned chickpeas still tend to have too much of a bite to them but I’ve recently discovered that my local shop sells large jars of a Spanish brand of chickpeas that are closer to the creaminess I desire. If you cannot find similar jars or don’t wish to have a pot on the boil for so many hours, the chickpeas from a tin can be poured into a pot of water and boiled for a further half an hour or so until the required texture is achieved.

Place a few heaping spoonfuls on a dish or in a bowl and drizzle plenty of extra virgin olive oil on top. Then a good few twists of the black pepper grinder and perhaps a little sprinkle of fleur de sel if it isn’t salty enough. Mix it all up together, or leave it as it is to keep the pretty pepper specks on top, and eat. Mmm…who knew chickpeas could taste this good?