I was tagged for this meme by the lovely Annemarie at Ambrosia and Nectar – I’m guessing this meme wasn’t started by a Chinese person, what with the number 4 being not that hot superstition-wise! Whatever. I’m going to tackle it now before starting on the mammoth task of going through my holiday snaps. Ah…holiday….summer is over…boo.

4 jobs I’ve held:

  1. Paper girl. Yup, I delivered newspapers in my neighbourhood in Vancouver! It wasn’t like in the films where the boy/girl rides a bike and throws newspapers, resulting in broken windows and injured cats. I walked to each door and placed the newspaper in/on the appropriate slot/hook/stoop.
  2. Page. I don’t really know why we were called that but this was my first proper job. I shelved books at a library.
  3. Research intern. At a well-known telecommunications company. This gave me my first taste of computer vision and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.
  4. Research associate. My current position at a university in London.

4 places I’ve lived:

I’ll just touch on the main cities though I have moved around a little.

  1. Kuala Lumpur. Where I was born.
  2. Singapore. Had a couple of years of primary school here. Learned some Mandarin which I’ve managed to totally forget.
  3. Vancouver. Grew up here. Completed most of my schooling here.
  4. London. Oof. 9 years here already!

4 places I’ve holidayed:

  1. San Francisco. The first real holiday I can recall. I was 13 and my family drove down from Vancouver.
  2. London. Ah ha! Yes, a repeat! Well, this was when I was 17 and in Vancouver and it prompted me to apply to universities in the UK and here I am! It was a life-changing trip, for sure.
  3. Munich. Bratwurst und Weisswurst und Sauerkraut und Sauerbraten und Bretzen und Kuchen und…
  4. Barcelona. I think I’ve flown over there about 7 or 8 times now…I’ve fallen in love with the city where my boyfriend grew up.

4 favourite foods:

Only 4?!

  1. Chai tow kueh. The Singaporean dish of stirfried steamed white radish cake. Delicious!
  2. Crisps. I can’t help it…I love their salty, greasy goodness.
  3. Jamón serrano. This is probably because I’m thinking about it a lot now that I don’t have easy access to it. I ate quite a bit of this on holiday. (I’ve got a little bit of Jamón Iberico de Bellota waiting for me at home though! Maybe I should save it for a special occasion…)
  4. Mangosteens. Best to have a little something healthy on the list. Hehe…

4 places I’d rather be:

Oh yeah, this is a great question when I’ve just been back from holiday. Sigh…

  1. In the countryside!
  2. On the beach!
  3. Food shopping in Barcelona!
  4. Not in London!

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