Another installment of interesting recipes from around the web.

These Viennese whirls from Cafe of the East look melt-in-your-mouth good!

A Jacques Pepin recipe for glazed ham steaks is featured on Serious Eats. The post makes Pepin sound like a real slacker but the result looks good! Take a look at the first comment too as there’s an equally easy glaze for salmon.

Over at Tasty Treats, there’s a good-looking recipe for a northern Chinese stir-fried dish of julienned potato with chili and vinegar.

Similar homestyle Chinese recipes can be found over at Umami. The post also features the tininess of a Parisian kitchen.

I love Dorie Greenspan’s recipes! I’ve had great success with her recipe for Lemon Weekend Cake. And now she’s showcasing a weekly recipe for Serious Eats – the first recipe is for an easy strawberry tart.