Sometimes you just want pizza – not the authentic thin crust kind which I do love, but a thick crust, British/American style one with plenty of melting, rubbery cheese. With this kind of pizza, I feel one has to choose equally inauthentic toppings – that day, it was spicy beef, mushrooms and red onions, a combination that was an old favourite of my family. Kicked up my heels on the sofa and watched House while I ate too. Bliss.

Pizza Diptich

Since I was by myself this past week, this pizza fed me for two meals. The second time, there were some beautiful salad tomatoes picked up from the farmers’ market, sliced thickly, sprinkled with fleur de sel and black pepper, and drizzled with olive oil. Very refreshing and it nicely balanced the heavier, greasier reheated pizza.

Sliced Tomatoes

So, what pizza toppings are your favourites? Let’s hear about all the low-brow stuff you love!