I had a cupcake, a chocolate and mint one, from Peyton and Byrne last Saturday. I found myself in the area after a fruitless search for camera accessories and thought, what the hey, I’ll have a cupcake. The space itself is very cute, with tiles everywhere and goodies surrounding you as you enter. I was helped by a sullen girl who placed my cupcake into a little paper bag and then tossed it onto the counter. I handed over my £2.50 (oof!) and wandered the streets to find a nice place to sit down and consume it. Never found that nice place and so instead, I wolfed it down while walking back down Tottenham Court Road.

Cupcake from Peyton and Byrne

Unfortunately, while the cupcake looked very beautiful with its swirl of green frosting, I didn’t like it. The chocolate cake was very dull and not chocolatey nor moist enough and the frosting, while containing enough mint, was too sweet and there was too much of it. Sorry, Peyton and Byrne, you haven’t won me over yet. They have other tarts and biscuits and slices but this cupcake has put me off slightly from visiting again. Oh well, someone’s just going to have to convince me to go…

Peyton and Byrne
196 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7LQ

It’s been a while since I was on Columbia Road but I remember the divine cupcakes from Treacle. Just the right amount of rich buttercream on top of moist sponge….mmmmm. I need to go back.