Kimbap! The Korean maki sushi that uses all cooked ingredients and therefore keeps longer than Japanese sushi. I followed this basic recipe over at My Korean Kitchen thoughI didn’t follow it to the letter though as you can see from the lack of tuna in my kimbaps. I used Spam, crabsticks, cucumber, that yellow pickled radish, egg omelette, and carrot – the Spam, crabsticks and carrot were fried beforehand, as in the recipe.


Ingredient estimates
Two cups of rice (using the little plastic cup that’s included – I think it’s a 160mL cup) in my rice cooker resulted in enough for 5 rolls and the amount of seasoning in that recipe was also enough for this quantity of rice. I also fried 2 eggs, about half a tin of Spam, 8 crabsticks, and half a large carrot. All the filling was used up in the 5 rolls too. I’m going to try adding beef bulgogi to my next rolls and perhaps burdock, if I can find it.

Kimbap Rolls

I’ve rolled maki sushi before and my mistake then was with the thickness of the rice – use a thin layer; you should be able to see the seaweed through the rice. We could only work our way through 3 of these giant rolls that dinner time. The two rolls leftover were wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge – the rice was slightly harder the next day but there was no deterioration in flavour. This would be ideal picnic food and apparently children in Korea bring it along for field trips. Do try it – rolling kimbap is much easier than it seems.