My Apron

There it is – my apron, on my headless body. It was Grade 8 and I was 13 years old when I sewed it. Somebody had the bright idea of introducing every single Grade 8 student at my high school to the range of practical classes available; I remember drafting, metalwork, woodwork, IT, cooking, and sewing. I loathed metalwork and woodwork, took an interest in drafting and cooking (of course!), found IT to be not very well taught, and really couldn’t give a damn about sewing. However, it was in that last class that I sewed my first, and only, apron – this apron, the apron that I still have and use today.

I remember finding the cloth with my mother at a fabric shop. The family finances were tight back then and together we chose a cloth from the sale rack. We also purchased some twill tape for the apron ties. Back at school, it took classes over a number of weeks for each of us to complete our aprons. We learned to hem (with sewing machines – not by hand!) and sew on buttons (ok, that’s by hand) and after a few weeks, we had our aprons. Due to the way the class rotations were scheduled, however, we were not able to use our newly crafted aprons for cooking class!

I remember not being entirely fond of the pattern all those years ago but now I love it! And I love it even more knowing that I made this apron with my own two hands! I had sewn on very long lengths of twill at the waist and this allows for tying in the front. As well, this provides a belt around my waist where I can tuck in a dishtowel to facilitate drying of my hands as I prep food.

This post is for Show Us Your Apron hosted by Lucullian Delights.