We do like our Japanese food – and our favourite restaurant in Soho is Ten Ten Tei. We find ourselves in this area a lot (get your minds out of the gutter!) as it’s close to Chinatown and Foyles and the Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus, all our regular haunts. On Saturday, we went there for dinner to celebrate a little something a little early. I’ve never been there for dinner, always going for lunch and ordering off the lunch menu, and so this was my first time ordering a la carte. We had:

One sushi dinner…

Sushi Dinner

…which came with miso soup, agedashi tofu, teriyaki chicken,…

Teriyaki Chicken

…and tempura – both vegetable and prawn.

Tempura Prawns and Vegetables

We also split an order of gyoza,…


…pork and potato croquettes, …

Pork and Potato Croquettes

…and nasu dengaku (deep fried aubergine with miso paste).

Nasu Dengaku

The gyoza were alright – nice thin skins but not a great filling. We loved the nasu dengaku, which we’d never had before – this was half an deep fried aubergine absolutely covered with slightly sweetened miso paste. I was going to order more food but that aubergine really did us in; it was very rich with all that oil and saltiness and perhaps I should have ordered some extra rice to go with it. The sushi was all extremely fresh but they were a little heavy handed with the wasabi underneath the fish. The meal came to £30 altogther and we were both stuffed.

Overall, the food here is extremely good and I still have yet to try their ramen. Come at lunch time for the best prices.

Ten Ten Tei
56 Brewer Street
London W1F 9TJ

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