I am addicted to the somewhat ridiculous Japanese “drama” series Lunch Queen, or Lunch no Joou. This blog entry by she bakes and she cooks led me to the 2002 show’s existence. Just watch that video above (first episode, part 1 of 6) and tell me if you don’t get a craving for omurice!

It’s only 12 episodes long and so you’ll only be wasting away approximately 12 hours of your life. Well, maybe wasting away is a bit harsh – I’m 7 episodes in and the plot (which at the beginning is frankly very silly) is starting to get quite interesting. The story is of a girl who ends up at a restaurant run by a family with 4 brothers. That’s all I’ll tell you – you’ve just got to watch it. There is some cod-philosophy kicking about through the entire series that is a bit cringeworthy though.

But the food! You get to see many contemporary Japanese dishes such as omurice, hayashi rice, curry rice, hamburg, and children’s meals and many home cooked meals eaten at the back of the restaurant in the family home. This is food porn at its best! You can find all the videos on YouTube here.