Just recipes this time!

Bahn mi over at Not Eating Out in New York. I love love love these delicious, fresh Vietnamese sandwiches. I prepped the daikon and carrot pickles last night and I’m having bahn mi for dinner tonight.

Rhubarb has always intimidated me but this recipe for roasted rhubarb over at the Wednesday Chef looks easy enough.

Mmmm…garlic scallion noodles over at Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen. There’s butter and brown sugar in the recipe – can’t go wrong!

And who doesn’t like mango pudding?! Chow Times has a step by step recipe up for us all.

Anything at The Pioneer Woman Cooks! looks good. I love how entire sticks of butter are tossed into recipes with reckless abandon!

A new recipe at Orangette for roasted shallots confirms my general philosophy for root vegetables – when in doubt, roast it.