Ratatouille looks amazing! I’ve seen nothing about it in the UK – no ads, no commercials, nothing. Why are they ignoring what will obviously be the best film this year?!! To keep it short, the film is about a gourmet rat called Remy helping Linguini, a lowly kitchen cleaner, to the heights of culinary wizardry. Or something like that – I can’t help it; I pay more attention to all the little details in the kitchen and wonder how the animators did it all. Is it sick of me to get a thrill at watching this trailer and becoming all excited because I have the same microplane grater that they’re using in the kitchen? No,wait, don’t answer that.

Longer preview videos (that’s just the teaser above) can be found on YouTube and on the official Disney site. I have to admit that I’m also loving the game on the official site involving veggie chopping! Chop chop.

An article in the New York Times details how the Pixar crew studied with Thomas Keller and ate at notable restaurants in Paris. They’ve truly done their research and it’s apparent to see in all the preview clips. There are even rumours that Thomas Keller and Ferran Adria, among others, provided their voices for minor roles.

It comes out in cinemas in the US on June 29. Unfortunately for me, the film opens in the UK only in October!