Remember that bag of rice noodles that I also purchased from Lo’s Noodle Company? Well, I put them to good use in char kway teow!

Char Kway Teow - Home Fried

In case you’re wondering what this could be, they’re simply fried flat rice noodles, a very popular hawker dish in both Malaysia and Singapore. Thick, dark soy sauce is what gives it its dark, good looks, fresh bean sprouts provide refreshing crunch, and Chinese sausage and egg add a meaty bite. If you purchased char kway teow, you’re likely to get a few prawns and perhaps some cockles as well. At most places in Malaysia and Singapore (well, except the halal stalls), little crunchy bits of fried lard are also added. Penang char kway teow is one of the more famous variants and has less dark sauce and is therefore lighter in colour. Anyway, the rice noodles I bought were fresh and delicious and I highly recommend them!

A recipe can be found at Uniquely Singapore. To try this dish in London, I recommend Nyonya in Notting Hill or C&R Restaurant in Chinatown.