The Acton Farmers’ Market opened only a few weeks ago and now every Saturday, I head to the Mount in Acton (in front of the Morrisons) instead of trekking all the way to West Ealing (the next closest market). While I can’t vouch for all the farmers out there, I’ve found all the producers I’ve met to be extremely knowledgeable and kind.

Fresh Produce

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the name of this farm! (16/06/07: They’re Manor Farm!) But their vegetables are terrific!

David Emmett - Free Range Eggs

This is the man from whom I always buy my eggs. Delicious eggs that are always fresher than what’s at the supermarkets and with gorgeous dark yellow yolks.

Flour Power Bakery

If you’ve ever been to Borough Market, you’ll be familiar with Flour Power City – the stall with the ginormous pyramid of chocolate brownies! A much smaller pile here but they’re the same. Delicious bread too.

Harvest Food

And Harvest Food makes some very lovely pies, quiches and Cornish pasties.

I know that the current trend is eating organic, but that has never been important to me. I prefer supporting local businesses and also in this case, eating locally. Find your local London farmers’ market. You can also see what you can expect to be available this month.

The new Guardian/Observer food blog has an article about farmers’ markets and whether they actually work. The second point they bring up, on perceived prices, is one to which I can add my two cents (pence?). While certain items might be more expensive (homemade pies, chutneys, etc), eggs, produce and meats actually cost me less than or equal to what I would pay at a supermarket. Definitely more reason to support your local farmers.