SheSimmers fries up perfectly spherical Thai sweet potato balls. These look like a great snack.

I feel like diving into this bowl of ham and lentil soup over at Closet Cooking.

As I’m never without a packet of Chinese sausage in the fridge (I would encourage everyone to do this as it keeps forever in there), I’ve bookmarked a recipe for a Thai-style sausage salad over at EatingAsia.

Why haven’t I watched the latest Star Trek film yet?! I was a huge Trekkie when I was still in school. Of course, it should follow that I read the Serious Eats Primer to Star Trek Food and Drink with my full attention.

I made this curried cauliflower and chickpea stew that I saw at bitchincamero. It was comforting but a bit dull the first day but after a night’s rest in the fridge, the flavours of the leftovers improved greatly.

Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

Almost all Asian food links today! And one Quizno’s commercial.

This is just about the weirdest commercial for soy sauce I’ve ever seen. Via Serious Eats.

Umami‘s fragrant noodles recipe is a dead ringer for all the konlo mee I ate growing up – basically dry noodles tossed with lots of aromatics and seasonings.

I cannot stop staring at this banh mi so (Vietnamese meatball sandwich) over at Scanwiches. That’s my usual order at the Vietnamese sandwich place back in Vancouver.

Check out these innovative gyoza made with daikon wrappers over at Obachan’s Kitchen & Balcony Garden!

The Lay Gastronomer blogs about a sweet potato dish encountered in China – look at the stands of sugar!

Finally, that Quizno’s commercial – being in the UK these past 10 years or so, I never encountered this Spongmonkey’s ad. Fantastic. Again via Serious Eats.

Vancouver Magazine has a list of 101 Things to Eat (in Vancouver) Before You Die – a few of these I’ve tried but it looks like I’ll have a number of things to eat on my next trip back.

Inside a frozen pizza factory with the BBC is a video that I adored! Who knew the pepperoni was freshly sliced?

Sunflower’s Food Galore
has posted a very useful list of Chinese ingredients – not all of them are essential but it’s a good guide.

This spicy popcorn recipe from Taste Buddies looks just right for a winter snack.

And finally, a few weeks ago, I attended a talk by Ferran AdriĆ  at the Queen Elizabeth Hall here in London. I thought the talk was brilliant and the man himself modest and so passionate about his work. There are a few roundups around the web: Silverbrow and his Night with Ferran AdriĆ , Chris from Cheese and Biscuits with his take on the evening, and Niamh from Eat Like a Girl with hers too. I do hope that I’ll get the chance to eat at El Bulli one day!

Perhaps this recipe from Not Eating Out in NY will finally chase the fear of beetroot out of me. Ugh, overly sweet, blood red root! Also from NEONY is this post on instant ramen, that has me kicking myself – why didn’t I write about that?! Instant noodles don’t have to be overly salty and bad for you; they can be tasty and somewhat nutritious!

White on Rice Couple have got a recipe for making little canape sized banh mi bites. They look so cute for a party – maybe with some summer rolls on the side?

At the beet goes on, Vanessa writes about the Catalan home cooking she was fed in Catalunya. It all looks so delicious.

I can’t stop looking at this post at notes by naive and think, I want a bowl of cream…

And I’ve recently discovered this great blog – dinner with Julie. She’s blogging from Calgary about what she eats for dinner everyday. Very motivational stuff.

I’m hoping to make some pie dough to keep in the freezer for moments when I want some homemade pop tarts. Thanks to Pim for posting the recipe!

Lately I’ve been thinking of noodle soups, the kind with a dark, rich broth and soft meat simmered for hours. And then I come across these two recipes: a lamb noodle soup experiment and another for cinnamon beef noodles.

On the opposite side of the noodle spectrum must be crispy noodles. I’d always thought cooking them involved massive amounts of oil and possibly 2nd degree burns but Wandering Chopsticks shows that it’s quite simple!

It has to be due to the chilly weather that I’m thinking of warm soups and stews. Reading about this chili cookoff over at NEOINY has me craving some homemade chili.

That trip to New York is coming up fast and I’m getting very excited! We’re planning on grazing along the streets of Chinatown.

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